Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Scientists Know about Natural Selection
1. Natural selection can only operate on information that already exists in the gene pool.

2. Mutations do not add any new information to the gene pool.

3. Over time, mutations and natural selection lead to a loss of genetic information. "Not even one mutation has been observed that adds a little information to the genome." - Dr. Lee Spetner (John Hopkins University)

4. There are no natural mechanisms by which new information can be added into the gene pool. (ie. For a reptile to change into a bird, vast amounts of new information would have to be introduced.)

5. Natural selection and mutations lead to physical diversity within the gene pool, not increased genetic information. "Any real evolution (macroevolution) requires an expansion of the gene pool, the addition of new genes and new traits as life." - Dr. Gary Parker

6. All we have ever observed is variation within one kind of animal. Science has never observed a change from one kind to another kind. (Missing links are still missing.)

Darwin was correct about natural selection in one sense. We do observe small changes within the respective gene pools of all living things. However, now that we understand more about genetics and biochemistry, we know the process of natural selection and mutation can never form new kinds of animals and plants.

EXTRA: Watch Richard Dawkins, the leading evolutionist in the world, squirm at this truth that he knows blasts all of his beliefs to shreds. He never does provide an answer to the question.

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