Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are Creationists True Scientists?

Dr. James Kennedy, in his book, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born, says:
"In a debate on creation-evolution held in our church several years ago, the
evolutionist-scientist made the incredible claim not only that creationism
wasn't scientific, but that creationists, therefore, were not scientists. The
truth is that creationists gave the world science! Creationists invented science!
Without creationists there would be no science.
Here is a list of some of the outstanding Bible-believing scientists who founded
the following branches of science...

Antiseptic surgery, Joseph Lister
Bacteriology, Louis Pasteur
Calculus, Isaac Newton
Celestial Mechanics, Johannes Kepler
Chemistry, Robert Boyle
Comparative Anatomy, Georges Cuvier
Computer Science, Charles Babbage
Dimensional Analysis, Lord Rayleigh
Dynamics, Isaac Newton
Electronics, John Ambrose Fleming
Electrodynamics, James Clerk Maxwell
Electromagnetics, Michael Faraday
Energetics, Lord Kelvin
Entomology of Living Insects, Henri Fabre
Field Theory, Michael Faraday
Fluid Mechanics, George Stokes
Galactic Astronomy, Sir William Herschel
Gas Dynamics, Robert Boyle
Genetics, Gregor Mendel
Glacial Geology, Louis Agassiz
Gynecology, James Simpson
Hydrography, Matthew Muary
Hydrostatics, Blaise Pascal
Ichthyology, Louis Agassiz
Isotopic Chemistry, William Ramsey
Model Analysis, Lord Rayleigh
Natural History, John Ray
Non-Euclidean Geometry, Bernard Riemann
Oceanography, Matthew Muary
Optical Minerology, David Brewster

And on it goes. All of these founders were Bible believers and believers in creation."
Inherently Wind

Find out the true story of the Scopes Trial (and the propaganda behind the Hollywood version).

Click here for free online video

(Scroll down and look for "Inherently Wind")
The Pleasures of God

If we cannot be fully satisfied with the things in this world, how does God plan to satisfy His chosen and beloved people?

Not with rich food or with bigger barns (those things aren't great enough!), but with God Himself.

"God is the happiest Being in the universe. To know him in his pleasures is to see him as he is— and to have a fresh encounter with his transforming presence. If you are hungry for this deep delight in God, these twelve messages (which inspired the book The Pleasures of God), invite you to consider the gladness of his great heart."

Listen to John Piper's message series here.

Osteen and CBD

iMonk with a pointed and well written letter to Christian Book Distributors (CBD) about their featuring of Joel Osteen materials. He writes:

Why is Mr. Osteen pre-featured on your front page? Why is his book highlighted? Is it because Mr. Osteen’s power to create sales is the “golden goose” in publishing and you are going to ride his sales as far as possible? I can’t believe it’s because, as a business serving Christians, you actually believe that what’s best for us is the teaching of Mr. Osteen, who has said that the cross of Jesus and the historic orthodox Christian message are of no injoel.gifterest to him. I can’t believe it’s because Mr. Osteen represents a message that should be heard in every pulpit in America. I can’t believe it’s because Mr. Osteen’s prosperity Gospel is what we should be giving to our children and to new believers.

No, it must be because it’s going to make you a lot of money.

If CBD now believes that motivational speakers are communicating the Gospel, please say so, because millions of people trust your business and endorsement. If you believe Mr. Osteen is good for evangelicalism, despite his devotion to materialism, prosperity and self-improvement, perhaps you should explain who the “evangelicals” are that you are seeking to serve? I would assume that a whole warehouse of motivational, positive thinking, New Age books would now find a way to fit into CBD’s definition of “helpful.”

(HT: Vit. Z) Read the whole post here.

Worship Evangelism and Megachurches

Sally Morgenthaler, author of the influential book Worship Evangelism, has now concluded: "For all the money, time, and effort we’ve spent on cultural relevance—and that includes culturally relevant worship—it seems we came through the last 15 years with a significant net loss in churchgoers, proliferation of megachurches and all."

My question is this: If we would make God the center of our worship, would He not draw people to Himself?
(John 12:32, 6:44, 4:24)

(HT: Cranch)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Does God want us to be Happy?

I read a 2005 article by TIME magazine with the same title a few days ago. This article seemed to focus on whether God wants us to be materially prosperous or not. This was held up as the standard of happiness. This follows the teaching of the day - that God wants us to be happy with the world and the things in it. It is the teaching not just of eccentric Pentecostals, but the teaching of many mainline denominations today. "If God loves me then he will give me nice things."
As I read the Psalms today I was given a very different picture of true happiness. In Psalm 63, David is being pursued in the wilderness of Judah. He is being hunted down like a 12-point buck during deer hunting season! He is crying out to the LORD because he realizes that he has NO other refuge or hope. At that exact moment, God fills his heart with deep joy, peace and happiness in GOD Himself.

"O God you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water... Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you...
My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips, when I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night; for you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy. My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me."

It is great when we can enjoy the things God has made. This too is a good thing if accompanied with thanksgiving, but the true joy is not in the physically "rich food", but in soul food from God which is MUCH better. In an amazing way, struggles actually work to increase our joy in soul food and strip us from lesser pleasures.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Documentary on Intelligent Design

Ben Stein--former Nixon speechwriter, actor who played the deadpan teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off ("Bueller . . . Bueller"), host of "Win Ben Stein's Money," conservative commentator, etc.--has a new documentary coming out in February 2008 on the issue of intelligent design and it's marginalization among academic elites. You can watch the trailer online.

(HT: JT)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Does God want us to be Happy?

"Blessed (Happy) are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God." - Matthew 5:3

Do you feel a deep-seeded pleasure or joy when you are needy for God? This week as I studied this verse in preparation for a Bible study, the verse finally came alive for me. For a long time I have treasured 2 Cor. 6:10 where Paul writes, "suffering, yet always rejoicing, poor yet making many rich, having nothing and yet possessing all things." I feel this deeply when I am really humbled by God or when I feel an earnest desire for Him or when I am in deep repentance. Usually all of these things come together at once. I see the grandeur and the greatness of God through something and I am led to amazement, then joy, and then to brokenness in my need for more of God. I am humbled and am driven to joyous, sorrowful repentance. It is a sweet sorrow indeed! It was a joy to discover this same heart and these same thoughts again in this famous passage. Truly Jesus, in love, wants our deep and abiding happiness so much that He lets us go through many pains in order that we discover and experience it deeply and abidingly.

This is what Jonathan Edwards wrote:

"All gracious affections that are a sweet odor to Christ, and that fill the soul of a Christian with a heavenly sweetness and fragrancy, are brokenhearted affections. A truly Christian love, either to God or men, is a humble brokenhearted love. The desires of the saints, however earnest, are humble desires: their hope is a humble hope; and their joy, even when it is unspeakable, and full of glory, is a humble brokenhearted joy, and leaves the Christian more poor in spirit, and more like a little child, and more disposed to a universal lowliness of behavior." (Religious Affections)

Are you a True Saint?

According to Jonathan Edwards:

This is . . .the difference between the joy of the hypocrite, and the joy of the true saint. The [hypocrite] rejoices in himself; self is the first foundation of his joy: the [true saint] rejoices in God. . . . True saints have their minds, in the first place, inexpressibly pleased and delighted with the sweet ideas of the glorious and amiable nature of the things of God. And this is the spring of all their delights, and the cream of all their pleasures. . . But the dependence of the affections of hypocrites is in a contrary order: they first rejoice. . . that they are made so much of by God; and then on that ground, he seems in a sort, lovely to them.14

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Huckabee Joins Top Tier
(by Matt Reisetter)
Mike Huckabee's popularity continues to grow. His poll numbers in Iowa have increased 6% since the last Zogby/Newsmax poll in this state, out pacing the growth rates of Giuliani, Thompson and McCain, whose stock is actually falling in Iowa. And all this by spending way less money than many of his primary opponents. Click here for the story.

Once Brownback and Tancredo bow out, which will inevitably happen, Huckabee will see another big boost. Friends, this guy is in the race! If you haven't given him a good look, now's the time ... I can't imagine you not liking what you see! Just click that blue button "Huckabee for President" at the top right of my page.

(As you can see, I've added it to my page too.)

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Parenting -

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White People Don't Exist?
Did you know that there are no white people in the world today? Most people aren't aware that all human beings have the same skin color.
We all have a pigment called "melanin." If you have a lot of melanin, you can be very dark... even "black." Albinos don't have much pigment, but no one is really white.
It can be shown from simple genetics that if we started with Adam and Eve as middle-brown, that, in just one generation, they could have had children who were very dark or very light brown... or anything in-between!
Now why do groups of people in our world have these varying shades? After the event of the Tower of Babel, populations split into groups, which resulted in certain shades of melanin being concentrated in particular groupings. This is what we would call "natural selection", according to Genesis, though not Darwin.
This is another great example to help us understand that all human beings are descendants of the first couple, Adam and Eve.

(From Answers... with Ken Ham radio program - )

Monday, August 20, 2007

The First American Missionary & Suffering

John Piper on The Problem of Evil

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Playing with Noah / Noah being played with?

Grow Where You are Planted

This is a picture from a fellow missionary friend, Trey. Flowers are abundant in Japan and so are these "through the concrete" types! It reminds me that there are many missionaries living like this too. It might be hard, but yet they are blooming in the hard places that God has put them. The whole landscape is changed when one flower blooms in the right place. Your life can do the same thing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to eat Sushi

(For my brother)
I hope you enjoy this humorous (and sometimes true!) cultural lesson.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby Japanese Lizard

Japanese will probably yawn at this post, but the first
time I saw a baby Japanese lizard' the other day
I was excited! I see a lot of adult lizards with normal
tails; they love to hang out around our apartment!
The baby lizards though are the only ones with blue tails,
apparently! Crazy.

The Root of the Problem - Idolatry

Supressing the truth and exchanging the glory of
God for images is at the core of what is wrong
in the universe.

Listen to a powerful sermon here:
The First Dark Exchange: Idolatry (by John Piper)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rudy in Hong Kong
Be encouraged about what God is doing in Hong Kong.
Watch our pilot/missionary friend, Rudy and his ministry video here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mike Huckabee for President?

Matt Reisetter says, "Huckabee's for real. I, being pretty involved in the political world, am very skeptical of politicians and am especially hesitant to get on board with the "evangelical flavor of the month candidate." But after getting to know Governor Huckabee in several settings out here in Iowa over the past 3 years, I'm confident he's legit..."

Click here for some very helpful info./videos
Noah Update
It is a good thing I am on summer vacation right now. It is a blessing to have so much time to be with Noah and to help Maki. Noah is over 12 pounds now and getting long! He is beginnning to coo and smile in response to our words. He is so active that I often say that he is doing aerobics! He also loves to make all sorts of noises - sometimes cute baby noises, sometimes sheep-like noises (!) sometimes old man noises! Needless to say, we are never bored!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Despite Cuba's isolation, the church experiences revival

Listen to Mission Network News here.

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Kobe Bible Fellowshipからのすごくいいメッセージです。
The Root of the Problem

American Eugenics

Sir Francis Galton coined the term "eugenics," which means "good in birth." He believed that
charitable outreaches only thwarted the proper evolution of the human race. Did you know that a tragic chapter of American history was developed from this philosophy?
Learn our history so you can make a difference!
Watch The Coral Ridge Hour by Dr. Kennedy this Sunday or watch it online on or after Sunday to get the full scoop.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

John Piper is Bad
I thought this new extended version was even funnier than the original.
(For those who don't know, Piper is one of my favorite pastors. More
of his serious resources can be found here.)

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