Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Da Vinci Code and The Origin of the Species

It is interesting how much dust has been raised about all of the "facts" that are so clearly lies, presented in the book, The Da Vinci Code. While I am also disgusted at the gulliablity of the world in general, and the ignorant denial of obvious truths, it is nothing new.

"The Origin of the Species", written by Darwin almost 150 years ago, is still doing far more damage to the truth of the Bible than Dan Brown ever could. The sad thing is is that his "facts" are just as silly. I challenge you to examine the Biblical 6 day creation again. The refusal to believe Genesis has led to the marginalization of the Bible and its credibility throughout the world. As a result, morals and God are no longer absolutes, they are merely figurative stories.

I urge you to get educated - I myself was brainwashed by evolutionary theory. Here is a good place to start - Check out these free online videos from respected scientists.


"Scripture is quite definite that God created the world, and I for one believe that to be a fact, not fiction. There is no evidence, scientific or otherwise to support the theory of evolution." - Sir Cecil Wakeley, K.B.E., C.B., LL.D., M.CH., Doctor of Science, F.R.C.S., past president of Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Does Creation Matter to you?

Satan knows that how people view Genesis will have a great impact on how they view the rest of the Bible. If he can cause us to give in to "Science", he can in turn cause us to question the whole Bible as a literal book. "Why not assume that the rest is not figurative as well, especially if there is 'Scientific Evidence' to back it up?"

Let's support our Biblical foundations by being educated!
Watch this (2 hour) debate to learn about the side that you usually are not allowed to hear: the Christian perspective:


If you just want hear some shorter answers that the media and public schools don't want you to hear, here is a short online video (1 hour):

Saturday, May 06, 2006

God at the Zoo

Being a science teacher (part-time) at KIU, I have studied about evolution quite a bit, especially lately. Nothing however convinces me more of the utter impossiblity of macro-evolution than seeing real living examples in action. (See below) How utterly creative our God is to make so many things "after their own kind"! They are all so different!

You don't see mixes of birds and reptiles. You don't see half monkeys and half humans. You see birds, you see reptiles and you see apes. All are disctinctly made and separate. Of course you do have varities; even my 2nd graders know this. Is a zebra related to a horse? YES! Of course they certainly came from a similar ancestor, since they are able to breed with one another. (Their offspring are almost always sterile, however.) Their common ancestor was likely taken on the ark before the flood, thus preserving the "horse kind".

What amazes me is that some people still think that human beings from different races come from different ancestors. For example, Maki and I were talking to a friendly man at a restaurant last week. He commented that Europeans probably came from the Neandertals and Japanese probably came from Peking Man or a simlar species. How foolish! (Not to mention that Neandertals were proven to be fully human genetically and Peking Man(kind?) is little less than a few shattered fragments of bones) I told him, "Did you know that the difference genetically between any two human beings on this earth is less than the difference between any two monkeys living in Africa greater than 20 miles apart?" (according to the Discovery Channel special on this topic) That is an amazing statistic that shows that all of mankind must be traced to the same ancestors. Of course, we who believe the Bible already know that. It is Adam and Eve!

I encourage everyone to continue to make yourself aware of the innummerable falacies and outright lies that many teachers of evolution are teaching our students today. It is an outright attack against Genesis and the trustworthiness of God Himself and will have eternal ramifications. In the meantime, please enjoy God's wonderful creation as captured at the Tennoji zoo in Osaka.