Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for a good friend of ours who is seriously considering aborting her baby next Monday. She is not married and still very young. To stay completely confidential, as she has asked us to be, we request that you not ask for further details. Please do pray, however! This is really breaking our hearts.


Erin Wang said...

I don't get to your page often enough, Mark and Maki! Anyway, I AM PRAYING!! And, I am practically able to do much for her, if it is appropriate. Homestay here in the US at our home, if money is needed.... Also, PLEASE send her the way of Ai no Kesshin!! http://ainokessin.exblog.jp/i2/

Love to you-- ERiN

Mark and Maki said...

Thank you, Erin for your care!