Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fall Family Fun

Noah and Taka on the hot-rod trikey!
A week and a half ago we went to stay with some friends and they took us to a national park.

This is the teahouse we visited there. We came to find out that our server during the tea ceremony was a Christian, or at least very passionate to tell about the Christian roots of the Japanese tea ceremony. Praise God!

This is a replica of an actual teahouse at the time Christianity was banned in Japan. For over 300 years many Christians hid their beliefs and held the Lord's Supper through the tea ceremony. The roofs were built to notice any Ninja that might creep on top to listen in. There were also many windows to spot anyone coming.

The door was always small and low so that everyone would have to humble themselves to enter the "narrow gate". (Matthew 7:13-14) Samurais would also have to take off their swords and enter peacefully. Everyone was at the same level. (As we all are before a holy God.)
What a beautiful fall day!

Our two friends, Yuka and Ga-chan

The Japanese Momiji (Maple) is always a brilliant red this time of year. Thank you, God!
(Be sure to check out the video of the boys at Maki's facebook page! Very cute, I must say... even though I am very biased.)

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Doug said...

glad you can experience the fall weather and leaves in Japan.

love you bro,