Monday, November 16, 2009

Slandering of Christians in Japan

Just before President Obama arrived in Japan last week, The Secretary General of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan in a series of remarks slandered Christianity and Western Civilization.

Speaking at Koyacho to an audience from the Japan Buddhist Federation said `Christianity is exclusive and self-righteous"

Commenting on Islam he said `It is exclusive too like Christianity too, but Christianity is worse.`

He carried his comments further saying `Western society because it is based on Christianity is dead as well`

Ozawa, the head of the Democratic Party which won recent elections made the comments to reporters following his talk to the Federation.

As the head of the party, Ozawa is seen as the real power in Japan and experts are shocked to have an international leader of his stature speak derisively of Christianity as well as Western Civilization.

Ironically, Koyachi, the place where the conference was held is according to officials there formerly the site of a Christian Monastery from the 8th century.
Further the Democratic Party of Japan according to reports received financial support from the mother of Prime Minister Hatoyama who is a well known Christian and has the largest number of Christian believers of any Japanese party.

The previous Prime Minister, Taro Aso was a Christian believer as is the current Empress Michiko of Japan.

Christian in Japan are particulary upset as Japan has the noteriority of having the longest persecution of Christians in history with a nearly 250 year period known as the `Japanese Holocaust` in which up to one million `kirishitan` or indigenous Christians were martyred.

Please send a message to The Democratic Party headquarters is or call 011 81 3 3595 9988

Please send a message to the Prime Ministers Office is at or or call 011 81 3 5253 2111

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