Friday, June 22, 2012

Hope Story
Many people in Japan live like this man once did - without any hope. They know that money and materialism is not enough. And then sometimes, all of a sudden, a miracle happens to start to change everything.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Testimony of Pastor Sato from Fukushima
He lost his four chapels, his house, all of his possessions, many friends and his whole community; but he has not lost His hope and love for God.
Listen here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why You Should Consider Long-Term Missions over Short-Term Missions
by Darren Carlson
I have seen with my own eyes or know of houses in Latin America that have been painted 20 times by 20 different short-term teams; fake orphanages in Uganda erected to get Westerners to give money; internet centers in India whose primary purpose is to ask Westerners for money; children in African countries purposefully mutilated by their parents so they would solicit sympathy while they beg; a New England-style church built by a Western team in Cameroon that is never used except when the team comes to visit; and slums filled with big-screen TVs and cell phone towers.
I have seen or know of teams of grandmothers who go to African countries and hold baby orphans for a week every year but don't send a dime to help them otherwise; teams who build houses that never get used; teams that bring the best vacation Bible school material for evangelism when the national church can never bring people back to church unless they have the expensive Western material; teams that lead evangelistic crusades claiming commitments to Christ topping 5,000 every year in the same location with the same people attending.
Short-term missions is fraught with problems, and many wish such trips did not exist, at least in the common form today. Writing in his book Toxic Charity, Robert Lupton says, "Contrary to popular belief, most missions trips and service projects do not: empower those being served, engender healthy cross-cultural relationships, improve quality of live, relieve poverty, change the lives of participants [or] increase support for long-term missions work."

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Tools to be a Great Father
Great stuff here. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there... especially my own. Love ya, Dad!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Unchurched Cities in Japan
For those who are praying for Japan, please pray for these cities - and for missionaries and the gospel to go there!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

70 Years Ago, This June
The Battle of Midway was nearly lost. Japan had by far the more experienced, well-armed and equipped Navy. So what happened? Now you can view the battle in an incredibly modern way (see below).

Personally, I see the providence of God all over this battle. When I think of our spiritual battle against the evil spiritual forces in Japan, this kind of video gives me much insight. I encourage you to watch.
How I Pray each Morning
I commend this prayer to you (that I learned from John Piper). Personally, it has allowed me to focus on the things I should focus on as I approach the Bible each morning:

"I use the acrostic I. O. U. S as I come to the Bible.
I. Incline my hear to your testimonies. Psalm 119:36 (Since my heart is inclined to sleep and to work and to lots of things other than the Bible.)
O. Open my eyes to see wonders in your word. Psalm 119:18 (Since my heart is so often dull and blind to the wonders of the word.)
U. Unite my heart to fear your name. Psalm 86:11 (Since my heart is often divided and distracted in many directions)
S. Satisfy me with your steadfast love. Psalm  90:14 (Since my heart is so tempted to be satisfied in other things.)" - John Piper

I encourage you to print this off. As you begin praying this each day you will soon memorize the verses and will not the paper any more.