Friday, November 06, 2009

We all need friends like this
Only an hour earlier this scene was unimaginable. Only an hour earlier Hawkeyes junior quarterback Ricky Stanzi sat alone on the sideline, his head down.

Iowa trailed
by 10 points as the third quarter wound down, and Stanzi’s stat line read: 10 of 23, 160 yards, five interceptions.

During the TV timeout Iowa punter Ryan Donahue walked over to his quarterback, leaned down and said, “Ready for the greatest quarter of your life?”

Stanzi, who with four picks had just experienced the worst quarter of his life, looked up and replied, “Absolutely.”

And of course that is exactly what Stanzi went on to do. I hope to be a friend like that. I know that I need friends like this.

For the entire “Good And Lucky” piece on Sports Illustrated’s Web site, click here.

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