Friday, February 15, 2008

Super Bowl champ Burress: "Give God all the glory"

Plaxico Burress, a wide receiver for the newly-crowned champion team, the New York Giants, told reporters on Sunday that God deserves the glory for his game-winning touchdown catch, reports John Connolly,

Burress, who only caught two passes during the whole of the Super Bowl, said he prayed hard when his number came up, with the game on the line and only 35 seconds left to go in the fourth quarter. The Giants had been waiting all game to get Burress into one-on-one coverage against Ellis Hobbs, the Patriots cornerback, and the desired match-up came at the ideal time.

"I gave him a slant fake, he bit it, Eli put it up and I came down with it," said Burress. "I just said, 'God, if you could just get me out of here tonight, based on what I've been through all year with my knee and ankle and the back and everything.' I'm just so grateful for the opportunity and I just told myself [if] I can come out here tonight and compete, I would give God all the glory."

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