Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Church of Darwin
The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 16, 1999, No.2

"A Chinese paleontologist lectures around the world saying that recent fossil finds in his country are inconsistent with the Darwinian theory of evolution." His reason?
"The major animal groups appear abruptly in the rocks over a relatively short time, rather than evolving gradually from a common ancestor as Darwin's theory predicts."
When this conclusion upsets American scientists he wryly comments:
"In China we can criticize Darwin but not the government. In America you can criticize the government but not Darwin."

Evolutionists slight of hand with the fossil record:
Take a look at the chart below, taken out of the most recent copy of the Britannica Encyclopedia. All of the light red lines and the dashed lines refer to fossils that have NEVER BEEN FOUND! These lines represent "inferred" fossils! In other words, evolutionists cannot offer a single example of an ancestor of the dinosaurs. Of course there is no chart of ANY animal showing true fossils of missing links. They are ALL missing!

My recommendation: Let us return to the Bible for truth and not to these fables.

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