Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mt. McKinley and the demonstration of God's glory

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There are other mountains that are taller and bigger, but what makes Mt. McKinley so glorious to people who see it is that it is very close to the ocean.

Viewed from sea level, a 20,000 foot peak, literally jutting out of depths of water, can be KNOWN more fully and the fullness of the beauty of Mt. McKinley can be ENJOYED more fully. I argue (as Paul seems to in Romans 9:22-23) that God's mercy and grace would not be enjoyed properly or adequately if we did not readily know the overwhelming baseness of our sin and the sin of those around us - (if we were not in the ocean of sin, as it were) and the horrible judgment sin brings - both now and in the world to come.

If we didn't have real sinners apart from Christ around us we would fast lose the awareness of the wonders of God's glory in His grace to save us, who are no different minus grace. (I believe our memory of this in heaven will be fresh) As we see the depravity of our own hearts as well as those apart from Christ around us, we are drawn into greater awe at the great mercy and grace of God to save such TOTALLY unworthy clay pots at all. It truly is CRAZY, prodigal love! The preciousness of this love is seen and experienced in the fact that it is a narrow door and a narrow path that leads to life. If all around all we could ever see were Mt. McKinleys, Mt. McKinley would be less valued and cherished and less awe-inspiring. God will not deny His children the HIGHEST pleasure in the universe - the fullness of God Himself seen clearly in the holy display of justice, mercy, wrath and love in contrast with the sin of His creatures. God Himself, displayed in the incarnation of Christ, is the infinite and eternal Mt. McKinley our souls long for.

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