Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Exposing Evolution
True stories from the mission field of Japan

From a missionary friend named Bryan:

M is an over-achieving, fourth-year electrical engineering major. During his summer break in September he decided to investigate for himself the single, most nagging problem that bothered him about the Bible – the “preposterous” account of creation found in Genesis. M, just like every other student in Japan, was taught from early childhood that evolutionary theory is scientific fact and that it accurately explains the origin of life and species. So, from morning till night M spent two full weeks scouring the university library as well as the internet for answers to his questions. When his research finally came to an end we met at Starbucks, and here’s a summary of what he told me:

“I can’t believe how many problems there are with the theory of evolution… It takes more faith to believe evolution than it does to believe there’s a Creator… Japanese students aren’t thinking for themselves; we’re being brainwashed by our education system… I want to make a presentation to the entire campus club to share my findings.”

So on the last Friday of January, M gave a one-hour PowerPoint presentation outlining what he thought were the most critical flaws in the theory of evolution. Nearly 30 club members attended and most of them were amazed by what they heard from M. After the presentation we held small group discussions where the students got to share their responses to M’s talk. Most of them were motivated to reconsider their blind trust in the theory of evolution and its atheistic outlook.


Norm said...

What an inspiring story. Me and some fellow Christian RA's in my dorm tried doing a similar program for our residents, but nobody showed up.

Mark and Maki said...

Hey Norm,

I used to be involved with campus ministries and we did this sort of thing also. Have you tried other programs with better success? Maybe you could offer free pizza to people who come! That always gathers a crowd.