Thursday, February 07, 2008

Meet a Missionary

Rudy Vaughan, a wonderful pilot missionary friend has done it again. For two years Rudy has been working hard at his own commercial piloting job and in his extra free-time he has been visiting and encouraging missionaries around the world. In his extra-extra free-time (whew!) Rudy has been making a great website with videos of missionaries and their stories! We are truly thankful for Rudy and his wife Shelly and their dedicated love for the Lord and for the nations.

I am pleased to show you a 14 minute video of Maki and I and our ministry that Rudy made called, "Meet a Missionary". I pray that it encourages you today also to gain a greater heart for the world that Christ died to save.

(The video may take a couple minutes to download properly.)


Jacqueline Thompson Posley said...

Grace and peace to you Mark and Maki! I received your name and blog link from the BibleMemory link where I am attempting to faithfully expand my memory of scripture. I am an American Christian who meets monthly for a buffet dinner on an informal basis with a few other American women and several Japanese women. The Americans are all born-again Christian except for one. Among the Japanese women there is only one Christian. I have had a burden to win these Japanese women to Christ. However, I believe that they sincerely need a native Japanese Christian to witness to them and to even discover that God's family can be connected with the click of a mouse so that they can very conveniently express their concerns and/or reluctance to accept Jesus as Lord with you who are passionate enough about winning the Japenese people to Christ that you are serving as missionaries. Right now I only have phone numbers, which I have to use very soon to set up another luncheon. I will try to get email addresses for them, but I would also like to refer them to Maki's blog (In Japanese) and an email address. A couple of us have new babies also (I am a foster mother of a 3 month-old daughter) and we do truly understand your joy and excitement about your son, Noah! Savor each moment of babyhood. It disappears so quickly, but what incredibly tender memories we have to carry us to eternity!! Maranatha!! Hallelujah!

Jacqueline Thompson Posley
["Jacquie" Posley]

Kathleen Marie said...

I so enjoyed your blog and video. What a truly blessed couple you are. And your baby is simply adorable!

I also checked out the article on atheism. It is scary stuff but God is bigger!

I would like to ask you to pray for my prodigal children. There are many children like mine in this world and their are several blogs set up for praying parents. These children have grown up in the faith but once they leave home, they leave their faith behind. Of course we have the promises from God that they will return to their "firm foundation" but it does grieve a parents heart to know their children are not serving God and often those reason are selfish, self-centered ones.

God Bless you in your awesome ministry.

Mark and Maki said...

Hi Jacquie and Kathleen!

It was so encouraging to hear your great responses. Kathleen, of course we will pray for your children. How hard that must be. If it encourages you, I also was a prodigal son. Keep praying - God is big enough to hear. Keep loving on them! Jacquie, if we could be of any help just let us know. You can get onto Maki's blog by the link on the side.
Thanks again for your encouragement and partnership in Christ!