Friday, October 08, 2010

The Songbird and Me
A few days ago on my way to work I overheard a crow and a sparrow. As I did, I began lamenting the lack of songbirds in Japan. "If only there was a nice song to start my day, instead of this rude and abrasive cawing and chirping all the time!" I began to notice right away that my heart was wrong and apologized to God for my lousy attitude.

Later that week I was watching a biology DVD that mentioned songbirds: "Songbirds mostly like to sing among the trees. Besides mating, these birds honestly just like to make music, if they are in the right environment."

Later that day, I was riding my mountain bike and decided to take a different route - a more scenic route and a more relaxing route - among the trees and fields. As I did, I suddenly heard in the trees above a songbird merrily piping a beautiful tune. I stopped to listen and soak up the beauty. As I did I felt God speaking to me: "This is why you need time away in the trees and the fields also."

I encourage you to take time to immerse yourself in God's creation during this fall also, and let your heart sing again. I know mine did.

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Doug said...

Great story and great reminder, bro. I'm thankful that me and my family get to do this very thing (enjoy God's creation) next week in West Virginia.