Thursday, October 28, 2010

Does the Bible Say Anything About Astronomy?
I have been enjoying teaching my 4-5 grade students about Astronomy lately. It is amazing to think that although the Bible is such an ancient book, it always gets scientific information right. Take for instance Astronomy. The Bible makes some claims that would have been pretty outlandish to the ancient reader, and in the case of #3, outlandish even 60-70 years ago:

1. The Earth is Round
(Job 26:10, Isaiah 40:22)
2. The Earth Floats in Space
(Job 26:7)
3. The Universe is Expanding
2 Sam 22:10 Job 37:18 Isaiah 51:13
Psalm 18:9 Isaiah 40:22 Jeremiah 10:12
Psalm 104:2 Isaiah 42:5 Jeremiah 51:15
Psalm 144:5 Isaiah 44:24 Ezekiel 1:22
Job 9:8 Isaiah 45:12 Zechariah 12:1
Job 26:7 Isaiah 48:13

Read the details here, along with some reasons to think twice about believing the Big Bang Theory.

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