Saturday, October 16, 2010

Franklin Graham in Osaka
(Oct. 22-24)

My good friend Trey Rowzie writes:

Please pray for:
  • A Great Harvest
    (Many would come with expecting hearts, hear the Good News, turn to the living God, and be saved)
  • Laborers for the Harvest Field
    (Many hard-working volunteers before, during, and after the events; at the venue and behind the scenes)
  • Working as One Body
    (Wise leadership, clear communication, strong unity)
  • Protection from the “Wolves”, “Foxes”, and “Bugs”
    (Personal security issues, equipment/facility problems, software bugs, etc.)
  • God's Glory
    (For all that we do and the way we do it to exhalt our Heavenly Father)

For more information on the Festival:

Kansai Franklin Graham Festival (Oct  22-24) [Japanese] [English]

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