Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Preeminence of Ministry to Kids

The challenge we have in Japan is summed up nicely by Peter Hitchens, as he writes chiefly about the state of Russia today:

"God is largely absent from the hearts of the people, who know little of him and were not introduced to him at the age when we learn to love ideas as well as people. If we do not learn faith then, it is unlikely we shall ever learn it. If we do learn it then, we are unlikely ever to shake it off, though we are afraid to do so." (p. 192, The Rage Against God)

I have never had to convince a child in Japan that God exists - all of them, without exception, already know there is a God and tell me that that is the case. It is only when they grow older and learn to suppress that truth (rather than nurture it) that the obviousness of God's existence begins to fade. (Romans 1) As Jesus said, "Let the children come unto Me." Let us be like Jesus and not abandon our most vital ministry for another.

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