Tuesday, August 03, 2010

All Sinners (Including Christians) are Logically Inconsistent

Atheists want to establish a moral law (albeit one that suits their own interests) and yet throw out the idea of a moral law giver. Atheists also want to establish an ordered, rational, information-filled, beautiful universe and yet throw out the idea of an intelligent Designer. Peter Hitchens, brother of the famous atheist Christopher Hitchens, writes in his new book, The Rage Against God - How Atheism Led Me to Faith:

"From time to time I also try to wriggle out of the laws to which I have sworn obedience. I then reject parts of the teaching of my faith, those parts that condemn what I want to think or say or do. I can usually find clever and ingenious arguments for doing this. I invariably do so because it suits me personally. In this, I am doing exactly what the atheist does, only not to the same extent..." (p. 152)

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