Friday, August 27, 2010

God’s Plan in Car Troubles
God has been outdoing us in showing love (as usual) even in our troubles. We know that God is sovereign & in control of all things. But that is more difficult to believe when troubles come!

On August 7th we set out for a two week trip.
My dad had his car serviced and ready for us to take. (Thank you, Dad!) We made it within a quarter mile of our destination in Des Moines before the car started to overheat! What a blessing this didn’t happen on the side of the interstate with our two little boys! We were able to get to the church safely and then without my asking, my friend Marc offered to help us. To make a long story short, God allowed us to spend time with our good friend and his new wife, go to their church the next morning and get the car fixed for free! Without our car problems we would not have experienced any of these gifts of grace.
A few days later we arrived in KY to visit my twin brother, Doug and his family. While
there, our parked car was side-swiped and so we were given an extended stay with Doug and with our good friends, the Vaughans! The Vaughans have special missionary
housing, including a pool and 18 acres of land. It truly was an oasis for tired people! We want to personally thank each of these great people for their love and help. We also thank God for getting us safely back, in His timing... especially when we later found out the tie rod to the front wheel was not even fastened on tight! God truly spared our lives and gave us multiple opportunities to praise Him and love others.

And to think it all came through our troubles.


Doug said...

great post, mark. we're glad you guys made it back safely and God worked it all for good. but, it looks as if my family and the Vaughans are all (pictured) in the crashed parked car!

Mark and Maki said...

Man, that crash must have been harder than I thought, Doug. You don't even remember being in the car at the time? If you look closely you can see yourselves inside...

No, thanks for letting me know! It should be correct now. : )