Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is There Really a Gulf Between Science and Faith?

In my previous post I quoted Bruce Waltke who claimed, as many do, that there is,

"[an] apparent gulf that currently exists between science and faith"

I suggest that he (and all of us) stop equating the worldview of naturalistic macroevolution with science. It is emphatically not science.

Science is the interpretation of physical observable data, not the extrapolation of the beliefs of modern man.

For example there is no conflict for a Christian to go to the moon, become a doctor or a software engineer. There is absolutely no "gulf" to cross whatsoever. In fact, only within the framework of a Christian worldview could one imagine a rational, orderly universe where things work by laws and not by chance.

Secondly, let us all work to understand the extreme difference between microevolution (change within kinds), which we can observe, and macroevolution (change into other forms of life), which no one has ever observed and which is genetically impossible.

I would hope that we would be more careful as Christians to know what science is and what it is not. Let us not fall victim to the illogic of bandwagon appeal.

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