Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interacting with John Sailhamer and Genesis

John Sailhamer's thoughts seems to carry much weight in many cirlces, including within the circle of some of my long-time friends. Though I have never asked them personally, I assume that much of it is due to the fact that John Piper (whom we all appreciate so much) also favors Sailhamer, not just in his view of Genesis, but for his exegesis in general. However, with so many of these great scholars, it is not their scholarly work that I am apt to disagree with, but with their assumptions over what science has "proven" and "not proven", and how that guides their interpretations from the beginning. For my part, I think that is a dangerous foot to start on.

I encourage you to read the comments section of my brother Doug's recent post, where we get into some of these issues. Feel free to join the discussion there.

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