Friday, February 19, 2010

Improving Culture - The Berenstain Bears

After my somewhat negative posts these past couple days, (thanks for bearing with me!) I think God wanted to encourage me, and maybe you too, with this bit of improving culture.

I have enjoyed the Berenstain Bears story books ever since I was a little boy. I was eagar to get these books for my boys too so they could grow up knowing the stories. So a couple years ago I bought a bunch of used copies from Ebay. My mom saw that I had bought them and recommended their new books, published by ZonderKidz. While the Berenstain Bears have usually kept a pretty good moral lesson to each book, these books go a step farther and introduce a Christian worldview. It makes me wonder, what happened? If you know the story, please let me know.

For example, notice this big difference:

From "The Berenstain Bears Nature Guide" copyright 1975:
"Nature is every person, thing and place here on Earth and out in space... Nature is you and me! It is all that IS or WAS or EVER WILL BE!"
(emphasis in the original) Wow, where is God in that? Or check this zinger out: "So-o-o, if you're ALIVE and MOVE AROUND, if you NEED FOOD to survive, it's beginning more and more to seem that you can join the animal team! (Again, not my emphasis!) This reminds me of a children's picture dictionary I saw that had an entry for "animal" with pictures of a couple of animals... and a little girl. Yes, a real little girl! Needless to say I chucked that out pretty quickly!)

Now see the amazingly cool change (From a review of "The Berenstain Bears God Loves You" copyright 2008):
"With the weather clearing, they suggest a family walk in the great outdoors. Along the way, the Bear family discovers a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Seeing a great opportunity to impart a bit of hope and wisdom into their cubs, Mama and Papa use the chance to tell them about God's love. Using the rainbow as an example, Mama and Papa explain to Sister and Brother how much God loves us no matter whether we fail or make mistakes. Just like a mama and papa always loves their child, no matter what, so does God love us, We might not be perfect, and God might not always love what we do but he always loves us. And He shows us this through His wonderful creation."

So happy for the change. All glory to God - literally.

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