Sunday, June 03, 2007

Request for Prayer

Today I got a very heart-wrenching e-mail and I felt that all I can do is
to make my struggles (especially my parents struggles) clear to you so
that you can pray.

As some of you know, my parents have been dealing with severe trials
with their health, home and belongings for some time. It is really a Job-
type situation. Let me give you a brief synopsis:

About 2 years ago my parents began to detect a musty odor in their house.
It began to get so bad that they would get headaches if the window wasn't
always open. For almost a year they sought to find the reason and the source
of the problem. At first they thought it was the septic tank leaking. This
lead them to dig up part of their yard to find the solution. Finally, that was
ruled out. Next they tested for natural gas leaking. Although this was found
to be the culprit, for months they could not tell where the leak was coming
from. After nearly 1 year they found the leak and fixed it. However, by this
time the house was nearly unlivable. They hired someone to cleanse the air
by an ozone spray. Instead of fixing the problem, this just made everything
worse. My parents had to move out with nothing - not even with the shirts on
their backs, since everything was contaminated!

Attempts at a lawsuit haven't come to fruition because of the extreme rarity of
this type of case. Meanwhile their health started to deteriorate and they had
to go to a special clinic in Dallas for chemical sensitivity problems. Because of
the type of chemical contamination, they could spread the contamination by
bringing even a small item into the next place they stayed. They had to get
rental cars and make sure they would not be in contact with ANY of their old
belongings. Of course this was impossible, so many times they would
recontaminate everything and have to start completely over again.

Finally, with the help of friends from church, my parents were able to get rid
of everything in their house and shellac the walls and the floor again before
repainting everything. Finally, they were able to buy a new house last month
and things seemed to be moving forward. Now back to the e-mail I received

My dad said that their house was about ready to be sold when all 3 people,
the man and his wife, as well as the real estate agent, suddenly got headaches.
This means that the house must still be leaking the chemical from inside the
walls! The only thing to do now, they say, is the tear out all the dry-wall again
and do it over. Of course this would incur huge financial losses to them again.

For those of you who have made it this far... Please, please pray for my parents.
For a long time I haven't made this problem too public, but today I just felt like
they are at the end of their rope. We need to unite together in prayer to come
against all of this evil in their lives and to declare that we believe that God is
going to come through for them! He promises that "All things work for the good
of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose."
Let us call on Him to glorify His Name by showing His mercy and grace again on
my parents. Just like Job, may God bring them back to a place of abundance after
we and they and humbled. They are trusting God too, but understandably they
find themselves wondering why all of this is happening.

Thank you for your time and prayers!


Eric J. Hansen (Spot) said...

Mark - very grieved for your parents; what a an unspeakably frustrating situation. My mouth just drops the more I think about what they've been going through. May God grant them innumerable blessings through persevering this... and relief as soon as possible!

Mark and Maki said...

Thanks so much Spot, for your sensitive and caring heart and words. They are much appreciated.