Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blessed Indeed!


Erin said...

Wow Mark. And Maki! Mark--this photo of all of you made me tear up-- because you're a dad and husband! I'm so happy for you! And Just 11 months ago this was me and my family-- my husband, Bernie, saying similar things as you on becoming a father. Sending my love. Keep in touch. www.asianesq.net ERiN Wang

Jose Gabriel Andrade said...

Hi Mark. Hi Maki
I still remember something you told me one. "I could stayed in America, but I came to Japan to see what God is doing". I am so happy that God is blessing your family and that you will see your child as one of those instruments that God wants to use to bless Japan. I am so happy for you two... Even if I am far away you and your ministry are always in my heart. I usually pray so you will see what God wants to do there. And now you have a beautiful answer. I will see you again for sure, I have a calling to serve in Japan but this time in my country is necessary preparation. God bless.
Greetings from Ecuador.
José Gabriel Andrade