Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zach Johnson wins the Masters

With the odds being 60-1 against him the Iowa native won the Masters golf tournament yesterday. Zach Johnson, in his third Masters ever, calmly won by two-shots over Tiger Woods.

There are just too many cool things about this story:
1. Zach is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa - my hometown.
2. Zach is the same age as I am - 31.
3. Zach went from nowhere (golf-wise) to the highest glory of golf.
4. Zach gives all the glory to Jesus Christ for everything.

"This being Easter, Jesus was with me every step. I felt him. It was awesome."

"Today was a day of perseverance and patience, I guess. I just feel very blessed and very honored."


Vitamin Z said...

Did you know him in high school? Was he a golfing genius back then?


Mark and Maki said...

Actually not at all! He was only second best on his high school team and fifth on his Drake team! My friend was Zach's roommate and golf teammate at Drake. I need to ask him more about this. - Brent, if you read this, feel free to leave a comment!

Mark and Maki said...

By the way, I didn't know him personally as he went to C.R. Regis (I went to L-M.)

Brent said...

Hi Mark, I sure did read this. Great post. I've known Zach since we played junior golf together. He wasn't the most dominant of junior golfers until we got to our senior year (1993), but he was always solid. He won the CR junior tournament (the Pribyl, sp?) in 1993, and later won the Cedar Rapids city amateur in 1996. Zach was my room-mate freshman and sophomore years at Drake (1994-96). While he wasn't the #1 player on the Drake team on a regular basis, he was ALWAYS a great putter, even when we were kids. And he has always been a fantastic individual. As I mentioned to Mark in an email, he and his wife are and will continue to be wonderful parents. And his faith has played a big role in his life.

BTW, for those reading this who are golf fans and Mark and Maki fans (not necessarily in that order), check out a picture of golfer Stewart Appleby - he looks just like Mark (at least when Appleby had shorter hair)!