Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 Year Anniversary Trip

I ran into Bruce Lee for the second straight year!

He had me down for awhile, but then I came back with a big uppercut...

Anyway, I am learning more than just Japanese during my free-time!

Maki and I at Kinosaki Onsen (Hot Springs) - It was very refreshing!

We enjoyed a crab and steak meal and a nice evening cherry blossom walk.
Soon our baby will be coming, so it was nice to have some peaceful time alone
together before the action starts!
We had a great time reflecting on our marriage so far and praising God for what He
has done in our marriage. We also dreamt about our future lives together and wrote
all this down in a journal and prayed together. I have to say that this was my
highlight, and I believe Maki's as well!

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Doug said...

Looks like you had a great time brother. We'll have to talk on the phone when I get back!