Friday, April 20, 2007

A Grief Observed
I remember as a 19 year-old man desiring wisdom. I was not yet a real Christian, but I longed for wisdom and peace. I longed for a real escape from grief. Then I picked up C.S. Lewis' book, "A Grief Observed", in which he discusses the horribly grieving experience of losing his wife to cancer. Through this book my eyes started to open to the need for God and for the realness that I needed in my life.
My hope is that in the same way, the massacre at VT will work for good more than for evil. As Christ is ruling over this world, my hopes are confident. I encourage you to equip yourself with how to talk to people who are grieving. (And how to talk to yourself when you are grieving.) Through real, life-on-life ministry to these friends, we can be ministers of grace and pointers to true freedom of joy in God.
Here are some resources from R.C. Sproul to equip yourself

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