Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Can't Be Serious!
My friend and fellow Northern Iowa alum from 1998, Zach Nielsen writes:

UNI 69, Kansas 67 = the biggest win in Northern Iowa history. I graduated from UNI in 1998. I couldn't be more proud to be a Panther today.

For all of you who might not be well versed in basketball logic let me break this down for you. This shot that he takes here to basically put the game away is the most gutsy shot in the world. If he misses they will probably lose since Kansas was scoring at will.

What is crazy is that they had 30 seconds left on the shot clock with a one point lead. That means that since they had a one point lead they could have held the ball until there was about 5 second left on the clock, take a shot and if they make it then they would be up three and Kansas would only have 5 seconds to tie it up with a three which would have been tough. Based on this you would understand why most coaches would have had a heart attack seeing him pull up for this three pointer. But he made it!!! Game over. Insane. My kids thought I was on drugs as I was jumping all over the living room and screaming.

By far, this is the biggest win in UNI history. Kansas was picked by most to win the whole thing. They got beat by a bunch of farm kids from Iowa. So good.

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