Monday, March 08, 2010

This is for all you Gaijins (Foreigners living outside Japan)
Living in Japan for almost 10 years now, I sometimes forget what seems
funny and strange to Americans who first come to Japan.
A newly retired pastor and his wife recently came to Japan as missionaries. (Great way to spend your retirement!) They couldn't believe that this road is actually used for cars...if you can fit, that is. By the way, this is not an unusually strange road for cars in Japan! So, you ask, have I ever gotten stuck between two walls on a road in Japan? Yes, but only a couple of times!


Doug said...

still remember riding with you in your little car in japan. it was definitely a faith-building exercise! kinda like being in a video game as pedestrians and bikes were coming at you in such a small space to drive!

Carl said...

Hello Mark and Maki, I want to thank you for your ministry there in Japan. As a young man raising a family I spent about eleven years living in Yokosuka Japan while stationed with the Navy, last year I went back to visit my daughter who is a Navy LT, I had many experiences with her driving her small car to many places on sight seeing trips, also when she parked her car at her apartment which had a rotating elevator parking garage
something I had never seen but was needed because of the limited space. Some cars that are so small in Japan I believe I could put at least one of there small vans in my van here in the states, now thats small.