Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My two and a half year old's prayer tonight
"Abba, thank you...

for ladybugs,

and bread,

and raisins,

thank you for gorillas

and ants

and bees

and tables

and ants (2nd time)

and tissues

and polar bears

and thank you for cake

and cake...

I like cake. I ate cake with Ayumi-chan.
(He rarely gets to eat cake, so that must have been pretty special for him... Even though it was 3 days ago on Sunday, it gets 3 mentions in one prayer - beating out ants and ladybugs!)

Thank you for ladybugs (There it is... this is a daily favorite)

and Mommy (glad somebody made it into the list!)

and vegetables

and carrots

and brocollis (I guess he likes more than one... not bad!)


1 comment:

Doug said...

that's hilarious, mark! sounds like he's a pretty thankful guy! so glad you gave the poor kid some cake finally! :)