Thursday, July 09, 2009


One of the values that I appreciate most about people is REALNESS, or being genuine about what one is really thinking and feeling.

I was a little hesitant last week to post what I did about the humidity in Japan. ("It's Starting to Boil!") This aim of this blog is to glorify God - in all of life, yet here I was basically complaining about the weather! But I told myself then, "It is alright to be honest and real about your thoughts, even while keeping a heart of confidence in God's goodness in all things." To be a cheesy, always grinning, overly-spiritual person is not glorifying to God.

Sometimes, (actually often) God's glory is shown more clearly through frustrating, discouraging or even horrible circumstances. In a small way, God showed me his kindness through refreshingly cool weather, (this last week has been amazingly cool and nice!) amidst an expected heat wave. So, I am learning that God has a bigger plan, even in annoying small things, to shape me and mold me into a man who loves God more.

Though I hate pain, I thank God for the trials that help me to see the reality of what sin has done to this world and what it is going to do for an eternity for those separated from Christ. It gives me a compassion for a lost and suffering world.

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Doug said...

so true ... our weakness shows his strength, and it gives us compassion for others when we realize how we've played the fool so many times ourselves.