Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's Starting to Boil!

Japan is starting to get hot. It is not just the hot sun, but (as they always say) it's the crazy humidity - hence the title. Now I tend to like "hot" summers, but "boiling" is a better word for Japanese summers, especially when rainy season is hot. Sometimes I end up taking two or three showers a day just to stay ahead of the sweat! Of course we have an air conditioner, but is not for the whole house. We end up staying in our living room for most of the time. Maybe this is why in Japan there are at least five different words for "boil". (If there are more, please tell me.) Just as Eskimos have many words for snow, in Japan we have many words for boiling. If you come to Japan, you may find out why! Now, I wonder how many words for "boil" are there in the Philippines. Maybe I'll go ask my Filipino friend.

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