Sunday, March 01, 2009

Success in Ministry, part 2
By Chad Nuss

In planting a church, we deal with this (issue of success) constantly. Whenever I tell someone we are planting a church the inevitable question asked is “How many do you have coming to your meetings?” This question is very telling about what people perceive as success in ministry. Our members have been studying the Scriptures together to define success from the perspective of our King Jesus. We have found the following 12 characteristics to be an accurate picture of what success looks like in ministry:
1. Love for God and the saints.
2. Passion for the gospel.
3. Faith and hope in God.
4. New life in Christ.
5. Good works.
6. Joy in God.
7. Maturity and discernment.
8. Discipline and holiness.
9. Respect for God's Word.
10. Perseverance and suffering.
11. Prayer.
12. Order in the Church/family.
I think no matter how big or small your ministry is, if you get these things right you will hear the words of Jesus: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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