Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eager for God's Glory among the Nations

"When we were selecting the first group of Back to Jerusalem missionaries, it was actually difficult to keep the numbers down to just thirty-nine. House church leaders shared the vision for Back to Jerusalem in just a few meetings, and immediately people jumped up with their arms raised, proclaiming, 'I will go! I am willing to die for Jesus!' In some of the meetings over half of the people in attendance insisted on being among the first to go."

"We encourage Christians and churches around the world not to focus on their own needs and desires! If you do, you will surely shrivel up and die. God's principle is that when you seek to bring blessing to others, your own lives will be blessed. When you make missionary outreach to nations that have never heard about Jesus the priority of your church, you will not fail to be blessed and revived: 'Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you as well.' (Matt.6:33)."
"If a man pickes a hot stick out of the fire and runs with it, the movement will fan the flame back into life. If he sits down and watches it long enough, the fire will diminish and finally be snuffed out all together. The Christian life is one of action for Jesus, not inaction."
"So many Christians are doing their own thing, and don't know or even seem to care that God's cloud and pillar of fire have moved on! Let's decide to wake up an find out what the Lord is doing and see how we can get involved! The difference between mere 'Christian activity' and being a front-line soldier in the Lord's battle is as wide as day and night."

Quotes taken from "Back to Jerusalem - Called to Complete the Great Commission"

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