Thursday, November 06, 2008

Please pray for our baby

I write to ask you to pray for all of us here.

Maki was told two weeks ago by the doctor that her body was preparing too early to have the baby.  Since then she has been trying to stay off of her feet as much as possible.  Two days ago we went to the doctor again and he said that the water is now coming down farther yet.  The due date is not until Dec. 17.  Based on the current size of the baby, there could be physical problems if the baby was to be born within the next 3 weeks.

Please pray that Maki would be able to stay off her feet, that I would be help her during this time and that God would keep the baby from being born until we are in a safe period.  Of course these are our requests, but more than anything we pray that God would prepare us for the baby that He wants us to have.  We don't believe God ever makes mistakes and there is definitely a good reason for why this problem has come about.  We cannot see that, however, so we ask that you pray for us!

I'll let you know as soon as I can as things progress!  Thanks for standing with us.

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