Thursday, November 06, 2008

Noah Mozarembrandt

These days Noah can be found turning on the piano and composing his own "music".  He will sign when he wants the CD player on - which is usually!  Today I found him erecting his own color castle (see picture).  Is this boy still 16 months?  Okay, to be honest, usually he is destroying castles instead of making them...  He is a boy! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark! This is Mike and Fawn. We met you and your family in Hakuba last year around this time. Fawn and I are back in America for a time. Our elders in America had asked us to return for a season to get settled into marriage. We've been back in Reno Nevada, and long to return to ministry in Japan. I was looking at my bookmarks and found your blog again! How're you guys doing? I too am thrilled that MacArthur unlocked his sermons; in fact it's late at night and I am listening to one now! Our email is Please email us so we can catch up! -Mike and Fawn

Doug said...

looks like Noah is really growing up! We'll be praying for you and your baby on the way.

Love you guys,