Monday, November 17, 2008

Daddy Time

With Maki trying to stay off her feet a lot lately, I have had the opportunity to spend some good time with Noah every day after work at a few local parks.  He is a precious gift from God to say the least.  Today we were riding in the car together and I heard from the backseat, "BICKLE!".  I turned to see a bicycle coming along the side of us.

Noah also loves to point at whatever he knows to tell us what it is.  Whenever he sees a baby or hears a baby he makes a sign for baby.  Recently (since we don't know when Maki will have to go to the hospital), we have been slowly starting to set up for Christmas.  One thing we have out already is a manger scene.  Noah simply loves it!  Even though it is far too high on the shelf to see, he knows exactly where it is and often points for me to lift him up to see it.  He will start to cry unless he spends at least 4-5 minutes there.  Of course his favorite is the baby Jesus.  He always wants to pick up the figurine and look at it.  Okay, maybe that is enough for now!  (I could go on and on!)


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Doug said...

I'm glad you've had some good time with Noah as Maki rests and gets ready for baby #2! Are you giving your message at chapel this Sunday? Looks good.