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Mrs. Sasaki has a strange daily habit that sets her apart from the vast majority of Japanese corporate executives. She has dinner every evening with her family, rather than her business clients.

In a country where a corporate boss is still expected to work until 9 or 10 p.m. every night to keep clients entertained, Mrs. Sasaki's lifestyle is considered highly unorthodox. Even more unconventionally, she devotes her weekends to her two children, rather than escorting her clients to nightclubs or golf courses.

Mrs. Sasaki, who runs an Internet firm and a communications consulting company, usually leaves her office around 6 or 7 p.m. This means her average workday is only 10 or 11 hours long.

"That's very, very short," she laughs. "I encourage my staff to do the same. The problem with men in Japan is that they don't know any other way to spend their time or get happiness – except to work."

Mrs. Sasaki says she wants the "woman's way of thinking" to have a positive influence on the Japanese business world, making it healthier and more balanced.

The 45-year-old entrepreneur, a former television journalist, has created an open and flexible working environment. She allows her two dozen employees to take time off work to visit a school or a daycare centre if they need to look after their children, for example. There are no low-ranking "tea ladies" at her office. Whoever arrives first in the morning – usually Mrs. Sasaki – makes the tea for everyone.

"I want this to be a good workplace for women," she says. "My role is to spotlight the good side of being an entrepreneur."

Source: Tokyo Globe & Mail 2005-03-31

Jobs are necessary, but they are not life. Freedom is too precious to lose to a job.

Stand fast therefore in the liberty

wherewith Christ hath made us free,

and be not entangled again

with the yoke of bondage

(Galatians 5:1).

What a lesson for us to learn as followers of Christ! Never allow anyone or anything again to put on a harness of servitude on you!

Christ has gloriously set us free so that we can enjoy the benefits of freedom!

Neil Verwey

Japan Mission

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Kathleen Marie said...

Wow! What a blessing she is! That is a great scripture to go with the article as well. God Bless!