Monday, January 21, 2008

The Atheist's Big Guns

Recently, more and more on popular video sites such as YouTube and Google Video, I see rampant atheist evangelism. It seems atheists are trying to destroy the grounds for belief, especially belief in the Bible. The main way they are doing this is through attacking special creation and the need for it. Bible believing Christians are portrayed as weak-minded or brainwashed. Sadly, many Christians are too busy with other things to realize that our foundations are being slighted and the faith of millions are being shipwrecked. I believe it is time for Christians, especially Christians in America, to get back to the foundations in Genesis. If Genesis can't be trusted or can't be taken seriously, how can the rest of the Bible be taken as such?

I have highlighted several points of attack and answers to these attacks in the past on this blog. I encourage you to find these articles and read them. If you want to be taken seriously as a Christian in the future, it is time for you to start taking these attacks seriously.

Finally, here is one "gun" that I continue to see in the atheist repertoire: Beneficial Mutation.

Read the article below for a great response. Science is not on the side of atheists. Sadly, brainwashing is.

Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria: An Example of Evolution in Action?

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