Friday, January 25, 2008

The Origin of Life Revisited

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For more than 50 years we have heard reports that scientists are on the cusp of creating artificial life. The Associated Press recently announced that "scientists are trying to create life from scratch, and they're getting closer." (Aug. 20, 2007)
Brilliant scientists, devoting all their intellect and untold millions of dollars in facilities and manpower, are laboring to create life as evidence that life arose by chance.
Looking closer at the reports, it appears that these researchers are using chemicals from DNA to help create their protocells. Hardly "from scratch"!
Other challenges? How will the "new" life reproduce itself? How will the cell acquire food and make energy?
In the end, such experiments show that a Master Designer created life and that it did not come about by mindless evolution. These intelligent scientists could spend their time and tax dollars more wisely if they would first consult the Bible to find the answer to life's origins.
(Answers Magazine, Jan.-Mar., 2008)

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