Friday, October 19, 2007

Why Japan?
This video was a made from a friend who is with the Navigators (whom I used to do ministry with and whom I respect highly.) This video sums up our heart to be in Japan very well.


Doug said...

Wow! It left me speechless and teary-eyed. Thanks for sharing this Mark. Sadly, sometimes my heart grows inward and I fail to see the huge spiritual need in Japan. May God use this video to arrest our attention and pray for you and Maki as you minister to the Japanese. And may he raise up more workers to go to the fields of Japan and join you in bringing people to Jesus.

Eric J. Hansen (Spot) said...

Mark, thanks for the encouragement to watch this - truly hits my heart! This is an encouragement towards prayer.

Be strengthened in God's love and grace, faithful brother.


Roseline said...


I'm Roseline. I have a Heart4japan. I am preparing myself to Japan in 2009. Meanwhile, I'm doing a research on Hikikomori, also running the Heart4Japan ministry. Please contact me.

I saw your blogs in the Japanese, although my Japanese is weak, but I sense that Hikikomori could be one of your concern. Do you mind keeping in touch with me?