Saturday, October 27, 2007

Further details on Goningumi

Goningumi Rules, 1662 (Shimo-Sakurai, Kita-Saku District, Shinano - Japan)

"1. Re : Christians. Following the investigations of the past, each and every one, down to the last person, has been thoroughly examined: not only house owners, [but also] men, women, children, servants and semi-independent branch houses (kadoya), renters, fully established branch houses (kakae), down to Buddhist monks, Shinto priests, yamabushi, ascetics, mendicant monks with flutes or bells, outcasts, common beggars and hinin, and so on—to make sure that there is not a single Christian in the village. If villagers see or hear about Christians, regardless of whether they are in the village or somewhere else, they must report."


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