Saturday, October 13, 2007

Disappointment with Billy Graham

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this:


Roseline said...

It is hard to believe that Billy Graham actually said that....

Hmm.... who developed this film?

Mark and Maki said...

Hi Roseline,

You can look this up on I forgot who made this film. I do know though that this has been documented by such respected people as John MacArthur. I have asked several people about it, but honestly I cannot get a clear answer! I even asked Graham's grandson, and he wouldn't answer. Some attribute his change to old age. It seems like this theology has been in Graham's mind for awhile though.

Does anyone have any more info.?

Jim said...

This isn't anything new. I've read similar quotes. In Aug 14 2006 Newsweek Graham was interviewed and had some similar thoughts on the Bible. I also remember reading a transcript of an interview where he talks about people from other religions being saved.

So it's not just some isolated video on YouTube.