Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reformation Evangelism

As I read through Numbers, one thought keeps coming back to my mind: God is
Holy! He is quick and decisive in executing judgement on
people who dishonor His glory. In this period of grace, it is sometimes
hard to imagine how HOLY God is.

While thinking about this God led me to watch the 2003 movie, "Luther".
Of course Luther was quite literally struck by God's holiness and judgement
in a thunderstorm in 1505. From then on he vowed to give himself to God.
As a young monk Luther was zealous to be holy. Increasingly he realized,
however, that he was not holy and never could be!

There is a tendency to think that the Catholic Church, with its ritualistic
ceremonies is somehow more "holy" than Protestant churches. However, by the
true definition, people who try to be holy for God, turn out to be the least
! Like Luther, we need to be aware that only God is holy and then be
AMAZED at the wonderful grace and holiness of God to judge His Son on our
behalf so that we might be MADE holy!

Please pray as I use this movie in my Sunday English class. Pray for good
discussion and for people to see through Luther what true faith and love is.
Pray that they could see that the only Holy One is God Himself. May they be
drawn to this transcendent majesty!

...And have a wonderful Reformation Day - October 31st.

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