Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Pilot Missionary Friend
God sometimes sends certain people that just make your life a little
easier. They encourage or help in such a way that you just can't help
but say, "Thanks!"
Rudy Vaughan, a pilot/missionary who works for UPS is one of these
types of persons in my life. Rudy wanted to be a missionary, but he
also wanted to be a pilot. Then God called him to be both! Rudy flies
for a living and then gets to stay in foreign countries for a few days
where he encourages missionaries and churches.
Two weeks ago Rudy came to rescue! Rudy spoke on "Getting a Vision for
your Christian Life" to our college Christians. We asked him to speak on
this because we leaders felt this is what God wanted us to emphasize. He
did a great job. It was refreshing to hear from a person outside of our
ministry. Many college students commented on the way his talk encouraged
them. The next day, Rudy presented a cool lesson on flight for my 4th and
5th graders. (Picture) He also encouraged the kids to think about how
they can serve and glorify God with their future jobs like he is doing.
We were all happy and thankful for Rudy.

Click here to look at
Rudy's ministry.

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