Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saints & Soldiers
Being a missionary I often feel strongly that my life is a "good fight of faith." (1 Tim. 6:12)  The Bible continually affirms my feeling that we are soldiers who are spiritually behind enemy lines.  Sometimes I wonder why I am here.  Progress is slow and casualties are all around me.  I lament that this world, myself included, have gone so far away from God.  Sometimes I wonder how to make perceived "enemies" - the people who despise Christianity, or at least their caricature of it, my friends.  Even among Christians we can have "in-fighting", within mission groups or in our churches.  All of this reminds me that we are looking forward to a better home, a home away from war all together.  We are looking forward to the peaceful country where our citizenship will never end.  It is for that reason I keep on.

I recommend the movie "Saints & Soldiers", as it portrays all of the above "spiritual talk" in the context of a physical battle.  I encourage you to see your own life in the context of this movie.  Are you a draft dodger or are you one who would give his life for another?  Do you truly love your perceived "enemies" no matter where you find them?  The truth is that we are all in a real spiritual war bigger than any physical war there has ever been. 

Note: While much of the storyline in this movie is not based on actual events, and the missionary/soldier is a LDS missionary, the weight of the message still carries much to deeply consider.  I highly recommend it to you.

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