Monday, December 12, 2011

Bible Study in an Unreached People Group
What is it like to study the Bible in a place where very few know anything about Jesus?  What is it like to live in a culture where one faces the possibility of being socially ostracized on a daily basis?

Yesterday I had a Bible study with a couple of young Christian men.  In studying John 9 I raised the issue of persecution for faith in Christ.  As we discussed what the man and his parents faced in this chapter, I asked them what they were experiencing.  Suddenly, one of the members stood up, pointed at the other, and in a loud gruff voice demanded, "WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY ABOUT HIM?! IT WAS YOURS EYES HE OPENED, RIGHT?!" (v.17)

As I started smiling - thinking it was a joke, without hesitation and in absolute seriousness the other answered calmly and resolutely, "He is Jesus, the Christ, my Savior and my Lord."  The first shot back, "WE KNOW YOU ARE A LIAR.  ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR YOUR FALSE BELIEF?!"
Again the answer came back calmly, "Judge for yourselves if I be truthful or am I liar, all I know is that I was once blind and now I see!"

It was a powerful reminder to be ready at all times to give an answer for the hope that is in us.

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