Sunday, August 28, 2011

祈りは難しくない Praying is Not Hard
I admire this guy for getting the value of communication.

Hi! I’m Takeshi from LifeChurch.
I want to write about a particular “habit” that I have; I talk with my parents by telephone every morning.

私の両親は大阪から遠く離れた福岡に住んでいます。17年前に大学に入るために家を出てからは、それまでは毎日話をするのが当たり前だった両親と、 言葉を交わさない日の方が多くなりました。親だからといって何でも知っているわけではないので、コミュニケーションが薄くなれば、お互いに誤解し行き違う ことも増えてきました。
My parents live in Fukuoka, far from Osaka. Ever since I left my home to enroll in university 17 years ago, I have rarely had a conversation with them, although we had talked with each other everyday up until the day I left. Just because they’re my parents doesn’t mean that I know them very well. and because of the lack of communication, we have sometimes misunderstood each other.

One morning, I called my parents on the way to my office. First, my father and mother were surprised and said, “What’s happened? Is something wrong?”, but after our 5 minute talk they were glad. Since that time two months ago, I have kept this habit and feel that our words are getting milder and that our relationship has become deeper than before.


「祈り」も同じようなことだと思うのです。私たちが神様との会話を怠れば、神様のことを誤解することが増えていきます。けれどももし一日5分でも神 様と「会話」をするなら、神様を正しく理解し関係は深まります。難しいことではありません。神様は遠く離れた九州に住んでいるのではなくて、いつも私たち と共におられるのですから。
I think that “prayer” looks like this. If we neglect our communication with God, we will tend to misunderstand Him. However, if we have “conversation” with Him, even 5 minutes per day, we will be able to understand and get more deeply involved with Him. This is not hard to do because God always stands by us, not in far off place like Kyushu.

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