Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Really Like this Pic... I Love this FamilyWhat a joy it has been to spend more time with my young family this summer. Yes, I am growing in patience and need to pray more than ever before, and that is also a wonderful thing!

These precious boys of mine will grow up and leave someday. (Even though Noah told me today that he never wants to leave.) I do not want to miss the opportunities I have to spend with them. I encourage you also, seize the day with your family. While I cannot be with my extended family as much as I would like, I realize I need to make more efforts to love them as well. Faith, hope and love... these are the only three that remain.


Doug said...

I agree! I love this picture of you guys and I too want to treasure the time I have with my kids. Thanks for the reminder, brother.

andy said...

mark that is an awesome picture!!!