Saturday, July 23, 2011

Losing Pride = Changing my Focus
This week I had some pretty severe criticism come my way. Thankfully this came by way of e-mail. Because of this I was able to take time - to both calm down from shock and then anger - and then to examine my own heart and situation before the Lord. As I was praying, Philippians 2 suddenly came to my mind. In reading I saw some important things.

1. Jesus humbled himself and did not grasp on to all of his rights. (v.6) NO ONE actually believed in him enough to believe in the resurrection he prophesied about. It was enough that He and God knew the truth.
2. He made himself the servant - even unto death. (v.8)
3. God exalted Him (v.9) and will one day fully exalt Him. (v.10-11)

How did this apply in my situation:

1. I don't need to convince every doubter of my righteousness. Why?
I know who I am: Christ's child. It is enough that He and I know the truth.
2. Because of this I can be patient with criticism without anger. I can die to
my prideful need to be justified in the eyes of others. How?
3. Because one day God will be exalted and raise me up also. The truth will
one day be known!

Jesus humbled himself, and even now he is not fully exalted before all.

1. Jesus was exalted in his resurrection, but not by all.
2. Jesus was exalted in his ascension by more people, but not by all.
3. Jesus will be exalted as someday and all will acknowledge his Lordship, but this has not happened yet. Jesus must be patient just as I also must be. One day, the truth WILL BE made clear before all. This is a great comfort and strength for us against pride as we endure all kinds of struggles and criticism for the sake of the gospel.

I'm happy to say that I was enabled by God to respond in a calm and patient manner, though probably not without a bit of pride. It is a grace from God that I was able to realize that I do have room to grow!

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